What You Need To Know About Online Casino Bonuses

Many online casinos advertises bonus if you play on their site, you probably may have come across one of these websites before. Not all things are black and white as nothing is really free in the world, you may be unsuccessful when trying to claim the bonus or free money and you might be upset that it is a scam.

To see how this really works, keep reading this article.You may be sceptical about the reason internet casinos give out free money.There are a lot of online casinos and one is not much different from the next. Offering free money and bonuses is a differentiation and marketing strategy to increase the number of people playing on a particular online casino.

Since most casinos are pretty much the same under the hood, there must be a way to convince you to play in a particular casino and not another. Apart from the licensing, software provider, graphics, reputation and customer services, another method of convincing a potential player to play is to give them an incentive in form of a bonus.

You may want to claim the bonus on a website and after playing them out, you move to another online casino offering bonus. It is not that simple. On almost all online casinos, you need to deposit money first before you can claim the bonus. However, some websites specifies you don’t make a deposit first.

Before we go into details about the various types of bonuses available on online casinos, I will explain some terms you should know about and you should clarify them with the customer service representative before you claim the bonus, so you’ll be sure of what you are claiming.

Wagering Requirements

Some bonuses come with certain requirements. There are called playthrough or wagering requirements; this implies that if you win, you have to play up to a certain amount before you will be able to withdraw the money you won.

Wagering requirement are most times between 15-40 times, you however need to pay attention to the required wager.What you also need to take note of in terms of wager requirements is that on most internet casinos, if you have not fulfilled the wagering requirements and you make a request to withdraw, all the money you’ve won since your first deposit will be invalid.

Games Played

Ensure you read the terms and conditions on the website. Some bonuses are available for certain games only. For example, slot games make the most money for internet casinos and thus most bonuses are only available for slot games playersYou can be allowed to play your bonus on various games in some cases; although not all games meet the wagering requirements.For some games to count 100% you may need to wager more so you can meet the playthrough requirement and withdraw the money you won.

Minimum Deposit Requirement

Most times, you will need to make a minimum deposit so you can claim the bonus. It varies from one website to another. It is usually a little amount which you may need to deposit at the end of the day anyway. It is generally not more than $50.

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Now that we are all acquainted with the basic terms, I will explain to you the major kind of bonuses available to you at most internet casinos.

Match Bonus

This is the most popular type of bonus. If you make a deposit, you will be will be given a certain percentage of the money you deposited by the online casino.For example, if a certain casino offers you a 100% match bonus and you make a deposit of $100, you will be given a bonus of an extra $100 by the casino. This implies that the money in your account will be $200. Match bonuses often has a specific maximum bonus limit. This means there is a maximum amount of bonus you can possibly claim.A match bonus can be an added incentive of a welcome bonus or it can be standalone bonus.